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November 2020 - The virtual 22nd Annual John Goldman Conference on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Biology and Therapy was a great success with 577 participants from 57 countries. While we could not be together in person the e-conference was still an opportunity to share quality data, discussions, and debates.

Here are some highlights from the virtual meeting for you: You can view the keynote presentations from the 2020 iCMLf Prize recipients on the iCMLf website along with the two best scored abstracts.

Top scoring abstract presenations: Biology and Clinical 2020

From the seven top scored abstracts presented during the Scientific Session 1: Top Scoring Abstracts 2020, the chairs Brian Huntly (Cambridge) and François-Xavier Mahon (Bordeaux) awarded the best scored biology and clinical abstract 2020 to Bac Viet Le and Susan Branford.

AuszeichnungTop scored biology abstract 2020
Tgfßr - SMAD3 signaling protects CML and other myeloid malignancies from synthetic lethality triggered by PARP inhibited bone marrow microenvironment
Awardee: Bac Viet Le (Warsaw, Poland)

Top scored clinical abstract 2020
Targeted RNA-based gene sequencing identifies mutated blood cancer-linked genes at diagnosis of CML that are associated with treatment failure
Awardee: Susan Branford (Adelaide, Australia)

Keynotes from 2020 iCMLf Prize recipients

During keynote presentations at the virtual John Goldman E-Conference the prize recipients of the 2020 iCMLf Prizes shared personal perspectives on their scientific and clinical work for CML over the past years.

2020 Janet Rowley Prize:

  • Presenter: Rob Welner (Birmingham, USA)
  • Awardee: Ravi Bhatia (Birmingham, USA)
  • Keynote: The seed and the soil – the leukemic stem cell in its niche and the quest for cure

2020 John Goldman Prize:

  • Presenter: Hemant Malhotra (Jaipur, India)
  • Awardee: Jane Apperley (London, UK)
  • Keynote: CML and me: Reflections on a road to cure

2020 iCMLf Prize:

  • Presenter: Jerry Radich (Seattle, USA)
  • Awardee: Sabira Kurtovic (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Keynote: CML management in war and peace: lessons that shaped future approaches

You can view webstreams of the three iCMLf Prize keynote presentations here