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icmlf knowledge centreOctober 2021 - We are delighted to share that the second module on treatment-free remission (TFR), is now available on the iCMLf Knowledge Centre.
This new module features five presentations on this important topic to help clinicians conducting TFR attempts and to manage patient appropriately during these attempts.

Learn more in a short video overview from Professor Tim Hughes, who co-chairs this module together with Dr Katia Pagnano from Brazil.

Now find out more about recent scientific findings and practical considerations on TFR.

iCMLf Knowledge Centre – second module on Treatment-Free Remission available to view
Knowledge Centre Chairs module II



The second module outlines current considerations to meet the goal of treatment-free remission for patients with CML:

Access all presentations of module 2 here

If you have any questions or comments on the presentations for the speakers or the community, you can leave a comment on the discussion section.

A big THANK YOU goes to all experts of this second module for their valuable contribution and to Novartis Oncology for the support that made this program possible.

Additional educational modules on lessons from the laboratory for both clinicians and scientists and management practicalities will be launched fortnightly over the next couple of weeks.

We hope that this module will guide you safely through TFR considerations for your patients.