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icmlf knowledge centreJuly 2022 - Have your already visited our latest module of the iCMLf Knowledge Centre – ‘Management Practicalities’?

Module 5 is a series of highly practical talks on the practical management of CML to help you in your clinical practice.

We are pleased to announce that a second set of presentations is now available to view. New topics include; generics, the role of allograft in the era of TKIs and two more presentations on managing comorbidities, tuberculosis and ophthalmologic manifestations as the initiation presentation of CML.

iCMLf Knowledge Centre - ‘Managing Practicalities’ – Part 2

Module 5 Saglio Yassin





 Part 2 of module 5 discusses additional practical aspects of CML management:

  • Generics – Giving your patient the most effective and safe usage
    Professor Jeff Lipton (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto /Canada)

    Learn more about issues surrounding generic medication, the advantages and disadvantages and how to ensure you are providing your patient with safe and effective treatment when considering generic TKIs.

Access all presentations of module 5 here

We hope these additional presentations are helpful for your clinical practice and welcome your questions, comments or cases on the discussion section.

We kindly thank all experts of this fifth module for sharing their expertise and Novartis Oncology for the support that made this program possible.