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Mhairi CoplandJanuary 2023 - Please save the date for the first iCMLf Conversation of 2023. Professor Mhairi Copland from the University of Glasgow will be our CML expert on Wednesday, February 22nd at 12 pm Central European Time.

During this live expert talk, we will focus on advanced phases of CML.
Professor Copland will share her expertise on the outcomes for blast phase CML and novel therapy options and will provide guidance on how to best treat your CML patients in advanced stages of CML.

There will be an interactive Q&A session at the end and all your questions, or cases are welcome for an open discussion.

iCMLf Conversation –
Management of advanced phases of CML

Professor Mhairi Copland
Professor of Translational Haematology
University of Glasgow (UK)

Date: February 22nd at 12 pm Central European Time (CET)

Mhairi Copland has expertise in clinical trials in CML, with specific interests in leukemia stem cells, novel therapies in myeloid leukemias, self-renewal pathways and blast phase CML.

During her talk on the management of advanced phases of CML she will discuss:

  • Outcomes for blast phase CML
  • Current management for myeloid blast phase
  • Recent clinical trials
  • Novel therapy options in myeloid blast phase CML

How can I dial into the webinar?
Please join this meeting from your computer, tablet, or smartphone via the link:

Meeting-ID: 836 0363 4989

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At what time does the webinar take place in my time zone?
The webinar will be held from 12.00 – 12.45 Central European Time.

Times in other times zones:

  • EST – Eastern Standard Time: 6:00
  • BRT – Brazilian Time: 8.00
  • GMT – Greenwich Mean Time: 11:00
  • CAT – Central African Time: 13.00
  • EAT – East Africa Time: 14.00
  • IST – Indian Standard Time: 16.30
  • CST – China Standard Time: 19.00
  • ACST – Australian Central Standard Time: 21.30