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Each year on the 15th of February, the world recognises International Childhood Cancer Day. A day that raises awareness about childhood cancer, and expresses support to those affected and their families, as well as recognising the need for more research and access to better care.

This year, the International CML Foundation is proud to share our part in providing access to up-to-date knowledge in paediatric CML practices, in hopes to thus create better care for children and young adults with CML around the world. So without further ado, we’re pleased to officially announce the launch of Phase II of the iCMLf Knowledge Centre and our first Module: Paediatric CML.

Launching this latest topic in the Knowledge Centre today allows us as a Foundation to support the International Childhood Cancer Day Campaign and further spread awareness on the importance of research into paediatric CML. Why is research into paediatric CML important? There are two key reasons:

  • Paediatric CML is rare compared to adult CML and accounts for approximately 2-3 percent of cases of newly diagnosed paediatric leukaemia.
  • The diagnosis and management of CML in children, adolescents, and young adults have several differences compared to that in adults and can be challenging to manage.

The new iCMLf Knowledge centre module provides a comprehensive review of the treatment of paediatric CML from the leading international paediatric CML experts, with presentations led by Co-Chairs, Professor Meinolf Suttorp (Germany) and Professor Nirmalya Roy Moulik (India). Topics include:

  • Treatment Recommendations for CML - Chronic Phase Professeur Frédéric Millot
  • Treatment Recommendations in Paediatric CML Blast Phase Dr Stephanie Sembill
  • Stopping TKI in children with CML Professor Nobuko Hijiya
  • Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor toxicity in Paediatric CML Dr Maaike Luesink
  • Parenting in Children with CML Professor Meinolf Suttorp

Upcoming topics:

  • Management of paediatric CML in the resource-constrained setting
  • Difference between adult and paediatric CML
  • Bone Health in paediatric CML
  • Predisposition and genetic factors in paediatric CML

The iCMLf Knowledge Centre is truly global. Providing valuable, up-to-date content, developed by key CML leaders with the support and input from a Co-Chair – a physician working with CML patients in a low or middle-income country. These modules will be especially critical in empowering and educating physicians and scientists in emerging regions with current information and industry knowledge for best practice and CML management.

Whether you need to refresh your knowledge on the management of paediatric CML or are keen to learn and expand your knowledge from leading experts in the field, these modules have your education needs covered.

Access the overview for our most recent Module: Pediatric CML by Nirmalya Roy Moulik here.

We hope that you will find the presentations on Pediatric CML useful in your practice.

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