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You're invited to our next iCMLf Conversation on March 30th at 1.30 CEST!e258ac85 576b a1e5 63b1 5f343261f1ae

March 2023 - We are delighted to share that Professor Susan Branford from SA Pathology in Adelaide will be the CML expert for our next iCMLf Conversation on Thursday, March 30 th at 1.30 pm Central European Summer Time. Join us for this live expert talk on Zoom to hear her talking about genomics and mutations in CML. Professor Branford will share her expertise on mutation assessment and significance in CML and will discuss the concept of genomically-based risk assessment in CML.

She will also provide an update on the International Genomics Alliance partnering with the HARMONY Big Data project to analyse genetic data from hundreds of CML patients world wide.

iCMLf Conversation on Zoom -

‘Genomics & Mutations in CML - Assessment & Risk’

Date: March 30th at 1.30 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Professor Susan Branford
Head, Leukaemia Unit, Genetics and Molecular Pathology
SA Pathology, Adelaide (Australia)

After her presentation, Professor Branford will be available for an interactive Q&A session to answer all your questions around genomics and mutations in CML.

How can I dial into the webinar? Please join this meeting from your computer, tablet, or smartphone via the link:

Meeting-ID: 871 2083 2169

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At what time does the webinar take place in my time zone?

The webinar will be held from 1.30 – 2.15 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Times in other times zones:

  • EDT – Eastern Daylight Time: 7:00

  • BRT – Brazilian Time: 8.30

  • BST – British Summer Time: 12:30

  • CEST – Central European Summer Time: 13.30

  • CAT – Central Africa Time: 13.30

  • EAT – East Africa Time: 14.30

  • IST – Indian Standard Time: 17.00

  • CST – China Standard Time: 19.30

  • ACDT – Australian Central Daylight Time: 22.00

Watch out for more interesting live expert talks this year! In April, we will be hosting another ‘Meet-the-CML-Experts’ session with live case discussions around dose management and optimization and TKI toxicities.

Watch out for more information over the next couple of weeks.

We also plan to cover the following topics this year:

  • Update on new CML drugs

  • Molecular monitoring in CML including solutions for LMICs

  • Highlights of EHA 2023

  • Update on pediatric CML

  • Summaries from the John Goldman Conference on CML 2023

  • Treatment-free remission including clinical and real-world data

  • Highlights of ASH 2023

Your suggestions or ideas for further topics are welcome!

Please get in touch with us via