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We are delighted to present the latest module in the iCMLf Knowledge Centre: "Management of Advanced Phase CML."

Within the module are four presentations, delivered by CML experts from Italy, Germany, the UK and Colombia, which explore the intricacies of CML in advanced stages. This module addresses the pressing urgency to identify patients at the highest risk of progressing to blast phase CML and explores the development of more effective therapies for patients already in blast phase or progressing while on existing treatments.

As always, we have considered this topic from a global perspective, by providing insights into CML practices within both high and lower income countries, to ensure best practice treatment can be achieved for people with CML around the world.mhairi copland 1536x1536

We invite you to join us and utilise this latest module within the Knowledge Centre as a means to expand your knowledge for better patient outcomes and improved management strategies for advanced phase CML.

To gain insights into the module, we highly recommend starting with the module’s Chair, Professor Mhairi Copland’s overview - who identified the key objective of the module is “to address this area of significant unmet clinical need”.

Watch the Overview

Topics in the Management of Advanced Phase CML Module presented by CML experts include:

  • Advanced Phase Disease: Definitions to use and the Role of Allograft - Dr Fausto Castagnetti
    • Discussing the definitions of advanced phase CML including recent updates from WHO and the role of allogeneic stem cell transplantation in advanced phase CML
    • Learn about how transplant is recommended in all Blast Phase patients after return to Chronic Phase and in patients progressing to accelerated phase during TKI treatment and more.
  • Blast Phase: Lymphoid - Dr Annamaria Brioli
    • Discussing management of lymphoid blast phase CML and early data from the European Blast Crisis Registry
    • Learn about molecular pathways involved in the progression to Myloid -BP or Lymphoid-BP, and how they’re different, despite sharing some features and more.
  • Blast Phase: Myeloid - Professor Mhairi Copland
    • Discussing management and outcomes for Myeloid blast phase CML including data from the MATCHPOINT clinical trial
    • Review ELN, NCCN and BSH Guideline recommendations for treatment of Myeloid Blast Phase and more.
  • Perspectives from the Emerging Regions - Dr Virginia Abello Polo
    • Hear perspectives on the management of Advanced Phase CML from an emerging region
    • Learn about how treatment of Blast Phase continues to be a challenge in emerging regions, even in 2023 and more.

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