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Mother and Son, Conny and Yunus, are two remarkable individuals who have committed to their second iCMLf Climb For a Cure Challenge: Annapurna 2023. Their inspiring story sheds light on the resilience of people with CML and their families and their unwavering commitment to finding a cure. “We have dealt with the disease and know how important research is to make CML curable. And research needs money. That's why we support the foundation to generate donations, we want nothing more than cure.”

You can support Conny and Yunus in their climb for a cure challenge by donating here.

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Yunus has been living with CML for over a decade, his journey has been long, and filled with ups and downs. “During that time, I came across many people who had doubts about the things I can do and the things I can‘t do. As a patient you always carry a stigma and you get judged easily. The first climb for a cure was a great opportunity to prove that us patients are capable of achieving everything we truly want. And I am really looking forward to proving that once again.”

Conny climbs in support of her son, “As Yunu's mother, I want to give my son the best support to have a normal life despite his disease. Supporting "Climb for a Cure" together unites us and gives us courage and hope that CML will become curable.”

Their commitment to each other and support of the iCMLf, paired with the firm belief that research is the key to making CML curable, drives their motivation to conquer the iCMLf Climb for a Cure:Annapurna this November.

“It is truly remarkable what the iCMLf has achieved in the past. They have done so much for CML patients and besides that they create awareness for a topic which is not very commonly spoken about. For me as a patient it is an honour to represent the patient community and to prove that all of us are capable of doing what every healthy person can do.” - Yunus

Both Yunus and Conny have made considerable physical and mental preparations for the climb. Yunus has been going to the gym, jogging and undertaking practice hikes to ensure he is in top physical condition. Mentally, he maintains a positive and determined mindset.

Conny has been actively walking her two dogs daily, in the hilly terrain of southern Germany, which has an altitude at just under 900 meters, as well as never using an elevator - opting to always take the stairs!

The iCMLf Climb for a Cure expeditions have become symbols of hope, inspiration and unity for CML patients and their families. “I personally believe it can inspire patients in many different ways. I think it shows that we are not a victim of our disease and that, despite the smallest and greatest difficulties in our daily lives, we can do anything if we really want to” Yunus says.

We’d love for you to show your support to Conny and Yunus on their Climb For a Cure journey: “Climb for a Cure shows what is possible when people share a common vision and what they can accomplish together. It shows other patients how strong the CML family is. This cohesion gives courage and confidence.” - Conny.

“I really hope that we can rise more awareness of CML. Everyone who is a part of the CML community knows that it’s a long journey until CML is curable. And the iCMLf and the Climb for a Cure are great ways to receive that awareness in order to finally find a cure someday.” - Yunus.

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