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icmlf logo shadow logo 1200pxApril 2024 - We are pleased to share more details about the new iCMLf Patient Advisory Committee (PAC), aimed at amplifying the voices and experiences of CML patients within the International CML Foundation's endeavours.

Committed to improving the outcomes of patients with CML globally and ensuring that the patient’s perspective will be incorporated into the Foundation’s educational and research initiatives, the iCMLf has established a specific PAC as a vital component of its governance and structure.

Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) – Bringing patient’s perspective to the forefront of the iCMLf

Through collaborative engagement and informed advocacy, the PAC aims to ensure that the Foundation's programs, activities, and strategic directions are aligned with the best interests of patients living with CML worldwide.

Objectives of the PAC:

  • Provide patient-centric advice: The PAC shall provide patient-centric advice concerning the active programs and activities conducted by the iCMLf.
  • Advise on future priorities: The PAC shall advise the Board of Directors about future priorities for the Foundation in relation to the needs and impact for CML patients.
  • Assess scientific and clinical merit: The PAC shall participate in the assessment of the scientific and clinical merit of research and clinical proposals from a patient perspective.
  • Assist in educational material production: The PAC shall assist in the production of educational material, providing input, feedback, and guidance.
  • Support fundraising activities: The PAC shall provide a patient perspective on the iCMLf's fundraising activities and public awareness programs.

Introduction of PAC Members:

We are very privileged to have the following passionate CML patient advocates with extensive experience in advocacy to join the Patient Advisory Committee for a 4-year term.

  1. Chair: Jim Davis (USA)
  2. Joannie Clements (USA)
  3. Jerry Clements (USA)
  4. Conny Garnitz (Germany)
  5. Jorge Mancilla (Chile)
  6. Giora Sharf (Israel)
  7. Viji Venkatesh (India)

Pat García-Gonzalez and Jan Geissler will remain as patient advisors on the iCMLf Scientific Advisory Board.

The current PAC members will look to include members from Africa and further in Asia and Europe to ensure a diverse, global representation.

To ensure efficient collaboration, the following four partners have been appointed within iCMLf Governance to work with the PAC:

  • Professor Giuseppe Saglio (Italy)
  • Professor Mhairi Copland (UK)
  • Dr Kendra Sweet (USA)
  • Nicola Evans (iCMLf Chief Executive)

We look forward to working with the new Patient Advisory Committee and acknowledge the invaluable contributions and dedication of the PAC members in further advancing the Foundation's mission to improve the lives of patients with CML globally.