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Patient Education: two useful resources to share with your CML patients

October 2014 - ‘Patient education is an essential supplement to good professional healthcare.’* With the on going success of TKI therapies and greater numbers of CML patients remaining on treatment, many for life, people who have an interest in self-education will continue to grow. Patient specific educational resources are very valuable and we share two of these with you today. We hope these are useful, not only for our members who are patients and or patient advocates, but also for physicians around the world to share with their patients.


1. Presentations from UK CML Patient Day

The recent UK annual CML patient day covered topics ranging from the basics of 'what is CML' right through to discussion of second line treatment, can I stop treatment and side effects of treatment.
Read more and view/download the presentations here


2. qRT-PCR primer

This booklet provides an overview of the quantitative Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (qRT-PCR) test including a description of the qRT-PCR International Standardisation (IS) project within the context of the recently updated ELNet Recommendations and NCCN Treatment Guidelines. “This booklet contributes to the better understanding and interpretation of qRT-PCR results and response to treatment”, explained Sandy Craine, who further developed this primer based on a patient generated initiative. Sandy Craine is the Founder and Director of the CML Support Group, an online support group for CML patients, their families and caregivers. (*
The qRT-PCR primer is available for download here