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World CML Day pledge banner 2016September 2016 - The iCMLf works to enhance education, increase diagnostics and improve survival. Help us continue to make a difference to the lives of CML patients around the world. We need your help to support the Foundation’s efforts to increase availability of CML testing for accurate diagnosis and testing.

The 22nd of September (9/22) is World CML Day. To support the work of the iCMLf we ask you to pledge 9 pounds* a month for the next 22 months**.

Your donation will go directly to fund PCR testing in the emerging regions where access to testing can result directly in access to CML treatment.

Click the link below to make your pledge 

Thank you for your support on World CML day!


*9 pounds is equal to 11.7 US dollars or 10.5 Euros

** We will contact you after 22 months to ask if you want to continue your pledge. You can also give more or less, if you want.