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Your invitation to the iCMLf Forum at ASHPerspectives on the future of CML, modelling response and re-evaluating TKI use in pregnancy from Russia and Brazil

On the iCMLf website you will now find webstreams of all the presentations held at the 2019 iCMLf Forum at ASH.

  • Perspectives on the future of CML 
    Professor Jorge Cortes (USA)
  • Modelling responses when testing less frequently than monthly
    Associate Professor Susan Branford (Australia)
  • Re-evaluating TKI use in pregnancy in 2019
    Dr Ekaterina Chelysheva (Russian Federation)
    Dr Carla Boquimpani (Brazil)

View the webstreams of the 2019 iCMLf Forum here

Logo EHADuring the recent congress of the European Hematology Association (EHA), in Amsterdam, evidence-based approaches to diagnosis and treatment of CML, the latest results on clinical and translational research and emerging innovative techniques, along with diagnostic tools and risk-assessment strategies were discussed.

To help share these important updates of CML management, we asked CML experts to present key points from their sessions. These webcasts are now available to everyone as part of our educational service on the iCMLf Virtual Education Program.
We are delighted to present to you six expert talks that were first presented during EHA 2019.

If you attended the EHA meeting you can log into the EHA Learning Center with your EHA login details and create a free account. This gives you access to all e-posters, abstracts and presentation on CML from the 24th European Hematology Association Congress.