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EHA 2017

July 2017 - Important CML news was among the scientific data presented at the 22nd Meeting of the European Association of Hematology (EHA) in Madrid. This included; data on the use of dasatinib in children and adolescents, new data comparing bosutinib with imatinib in frontline therapy and the 24-month results from the British Destiny Study. 

We are delighted to provide you with summaries of this key CML information presented at the congress and to have two CML experts sharing their personal perspectives of the EHA highlights.

CML experts giving their personal perspectives

Two CML experts provide their personal perspectives on latest scientific findings and highlights from EHA. You can listen to:

  • Professor Tim Hughes speaking about new CML studies including; a Phase II study on dasatinib in children and adolescents, 10-year survival results of the German CML IV Study, year 2 results from the British DESTINY study, initial results from the BEFORE trial with bosutinib vs. imatinib in newly diagnosed CML and an update on treatment-free remission studies.
  • Professor Jerry Radich speaking about; existing and emerging therapies in CML and how they translate into clinical practice, perspectives on treatment discontinuation and challenges of CML management in the emerging economic regions.

Top CML stories from EHA 2017

We are pleased to provide you with three stories featuring key CML studies presented at the oral presentations on clinical studies in CML.

EHA congress materials on CML

If you attended the EHA meeting you can log into the EHA Learning Center with your EHA login details and create a free account. This gives you access to CML related e-posters - biology, e-poster - clinical, abstracts - biology, abstracts - clinical and other publications from the meeting.