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Carolina PavlovskyThe 2019 iCMLf Prize is awarded to Dr Carolina Pavlovsky (Argentina)

The 2019 iCMLf Prize winner is Dr Carolina Pavlovsky, Head of the Research Department at Fundaleu (Foundation to fight Leukemia), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been awarded the prize for her efforts to continually bring the ‘real-world’ perspectives of the emerging economic regions into the scientific discussion of CML management. This prize is awarded by the iCMLf for outstanding contributions to the improvement of CML treatment under the challenging conditions of emerging economic countries with unequal access to monitoring and treatment.

Carolina Pavlovsky has always been committed to finding workable solutions for areas with limited access resources. In her recent publication ‘What is the best strategy to start and monitor treatment outside academic centers?’ (Pavlovsky C et al. Curr Oncol Rep, February 2018) she addresses the issue that monitoring in the “real world” continues to be a challenge in part because international scale (IS) standardized laboratories are not available worldwide, and also because physicians still have some resource barriers. She provides practical advice, identifying prognostic factors and guiding management of CML for non-academic centers.

In recent years, she has also worked closely together with the iCMLf providing Spanish summaries of important meetings helping us to bring the latest scientific knowledge to clinicians in all parts of the world.

Dr Pavlovsky works as a hematologist at Fundaleu, Hospital and Clinical Research Center in Buenos Aires and serves as Head of the Research Department since 2010. She received her doctorate from the University of Buenos Aires and completed her training in internal medicine and hematology at the National Academy of Medicine in Buenos Aires.

Her main interests are chronic leukemias: molecular and clinical aspects. Since 2003, she has worked on multiple research protocols for chronic leukemias and is in charge of CML and CLL projects. Since 2005, she has coordinated an Argentine multi-center study on molecular monitoring in patients with CML and since 2011 she coordinates the clinical aspects of a new multi-centric study on mutational analysis of patients with CML and treatment failure. In June 2008, she undertook training at the Department of Leukemias at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. In 2014 she obtained a Master's degree in Molecular Oncology from the National Cancer Research Center of Spain (CNIO) and the European School of Oncology (ESO).

Learn more about Carolina Pavlovsky’s work at Fundaleu here