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iCMLf Newsletter II 2014 Cover gesamt

Download the pdf file here

Contents overview:

  • Report from the 16th John Goldman Conference on CML in Philadelphia
  • 2014 iCMLf Prizes - recognizing excellence in CML understanding and management
  • Janet Rowley Prize 2014 presenting an abstract from this year's recipient Own N. Witte
  • John Goldman Prize 2014 presenting an abstract on 'Optimizing treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia' (CML) from this year's recipient Rüdiger Hehlmann
  • The iCMLf website - a new key interactive CML platform
  • Insights into the iCMLf Virtual Education program 2014 
  • Overview of centres of CML excellence hosting iCMLf clinical preceptorships
  • Upcoming important CML scientific meetings

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