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"Overcoming Challenges Treating CML":

iCMLf shares abstracts on best practice from emerging economic regions


In July 2012 the iCMLf invited the submission of abstracts to recognise and share the work and achievements of physicians treating CML in resource limited situations. We were delighted to receive 26 abstracts outlining projects that enhanced patient care. Abstracts were submitted from 16 countries so were wide ranging in topic. They covered everything from facilitating access to therapy, forming a CML clinic, to creating an iPhone application to track CML treatment. Three of these abstracts were awarded a $5,000 grant and presented at the 2012 iCMLf Fourm for physicians from emerging economic regions.


In an effort to spread knowledge and examples of effective CML management in low resourse settings we are pleased to share all the abstracts on the iCMLf website. We welcome further comment and any questions for the authors.


Treating CML in situations or locations with limited resources can be challenging. Access to current treatments, accurate diagnostics and to up to date knowledge is difficult to obtain at reasonable costs. However, faced with these problems physicians, laboratory staff and others involved with patient care work tirelessly, to overcome these obstacles ensuring their patients get the best possible care.


In an effort to share some of the excellent solutions devised by the clinical and laboratory teams facing these challenges treating people with CML, the iCMLf invited people to submit examples in the form of abstracts. 


The abstracts were reviewed by the iCMLf Directors and Advisers and the three highest rated abstracts were presented at the iCMLf Forum for Physicians from emerging economic regions. This Forum is presented in partnership with The Max Foundation and held during the annual ASH meeting. The three presented projects were awarded an iCMLf grant of US$5,000 and an additional project of note received an honorary grant of $3,000.


We sincerely thank all the people who submitted their abstracts as the amount of effort and work it takes to write and compile this information is significant. However sharing these successful projects and ideas amongst the CML community, especially with colleagues encountering similar conditions, is very important as we work towards improving the management of CML globally.


All the abstracts can be viewed here:

  1. Investigating clinical outcomes
  2. Investigating response
  3. Improving clinic management
  4. Improving laboratory practice
  5. Use of technology to enhance clinical practice

The iCMLf and the abstract authors welcome any further comments or questions.