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Your help counts in identifying key publications on CML!

science-peopleClinical reality in CML is in constant change. Thanks to a hard work of clinicians and researchers world-wide, interesting news about CML diagnostics, treatment and care are constantly published in leading journals. However, given the high number of journals and the pressure in day to day work, it is a challenge for all physicians to follow medical journals and stay up to date all the time.

When you come across publications that you think other physicians treating CML patients should be aware of, please let us know!

We would greatly appreciate if you could provide us with the title, a short abstract, an internet address with additional information (e.g. a link to the journal where the data was published), the scientific reference here. Please also provide your contact details - your personal details will not be published by us, but helps the iCMLf team to contact you in case of any questions.

Your suggestion will then be reviewed by experts of the iCMLf.

We greatly appreciate your contribution!