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November 2012 issue of the iCMLf Newsletter

Download the PDF file here - topics covered:icmlf-newsletter6

      • Emerging Regions Support and Partnership (ERSAP) Program 2012
      • ERSAP Diagnosis and Testing Program
      • Virtual Education Program
      • iCMLf Forum for Physicians from Emerging Regions at ASH 2012
      • 14th International Conference on CML: Biology and Therapy was held in Baltimore
      • Annual meeting of the iCMLf advisors
      • 2012 iCMLf Rowley Prize awarded to Dr George Q Daley
      • Stem cells in CML: from BCR/ABL to LIN28
      • CML Horizons: Patient advocates meet to "Learn, Share & Grow"
      • 32 patient groups attend the first Virtual Latin American Patient Colloquium on CML
      • Inaugural patient advacate an physician CML meetings held in Africa