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     DSC3535The International CM Foundation and COVID-19:
    Preceptorships postponed

    Inlight of the current COVID-19 pandemic we like to keep you updated with the Foundation’s activities and plans that reflect our commitment to the CML community over the coming weeks and months.

    Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to postpone all of the clinical preceptorships planned for 2020..

    This decision was not an easy one for us as the Clinical Preceptorships are one of the iCMLf’s key education programs, however we firmly believe we have an extended duty of care, not only to our preceptors and hosts, but also to their communities and patients. 

    Postponed preceptors are from:

    1. Tajikistan going to St Petersburg in April
    2. Albania going to Turin in May
    3. India going to Adelaide in May
    4. Senegal going to Bordeaux in May
    5. Mauritius going to California in June
    6. India going to Bologna in June
    7. Nigeria going to Houston in June

    We would like to thank all the sites who host these preceptors and sincerely hope the program can continue soon.