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    Winners of the 2014 Diagnosis & Testing grants

    Building on the previous success’ of this iCMLf program, in 2014 the Foundation again offers numerous grants to hematology institutions in emerging economic regions. These grants are for projects in hospitals or research organisations that will increase local access to CML diagnostics, thereby building local capacity.

    From the 23 applications this year the iCMLf Directors have selected 9 Phase I projects and 4 Phase II projects to be funded. The phase I seeding grants comprise funding of up to $10,000. Phase II funding is for previous awardees that have achieved outstanding results with initial funds and can be up to $20,000.

    The iCMLf is delighted to announce the winners of the 2014 grants to the following centres from 10 different countries.

    1. Medical College in Kolkata (India): Dr Prantar Chakrabarti
    2. Tata Cancer Hospital in Visakhapatnam (India): Dr Radhunadharao Digumarti
    3. Kandou Manado General Hospital in North Sulawesi (Indonesia): Dr Harlinda Haroen
    4. University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta (Indonesia): Dr Dewi Paramita
    5. Dr Kariadi Hospital in Semarang (Indonesia), Dr Damai Santosa
    6. Kenyatta National Hospital at the University of Nairobi (Kenya): Dr Peter Matuwi Mwamba
    7. University of Malawi College of Medicine in Lilongwe (Malawi): Dr Yohannie Mlombe
    8. General Hospital of Mexico in Mexico City (Mexico): Dr Cabrera Garcia
    9. Angau Memorial General Hospital in Morobe Province (Papua New Guinea): Dr Cathy Timothy
    10. Health Research Institute of the National University of Asuncion (Paraguay): Dr Ayala-Lugo
    11. Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine in Lviv (Ukraine): Dr Kostyantyn Kotlyarchuk
    12. Black Lion Specialized Teaching Hospital in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia): Dr Abuldaziz Abubeker
    13. Korle-bu Teaching Hospital in Accra (Ghana): Dr Amma Benneh

    The projects submitted represent a broad range of different approaches to increase local capacity to conduct diagnostic testing for CML patients leading to better treatment and long-term care. The projects funded include the establishment of onsite mutational analysis, validation of local PCR testing and optimization of quantitative analysis, training to use a GeneXpert machine, along with general training for local laboratory staff to set up a CML laboratory and shipping samples for PCR testing.

    See for more detailed information on the centres and the projects funded here

    The institutions awarded grants will partner with a CML centre of excellence that offers ongoing mentoring and support at a clinical and laboratory level. This will ensure the successful implementation of the projects.