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iCMLf Diagnosis and Testing Program: Apply for 2014 grants

The iCMLf Diagnosis and Testing Program launched in 2011 offers seeding grants to hematology institutions in emerging economic regions. The aim of the program is to facilitate the diagnosis, testing and long-term disease monitoring of CML patients in developing countries where it is not currently available.


Building on the success of the current program and the nine projects awarded iCMLf grants, the Foundation will offer further grants in 2014. These iCMLf grants are for projects that will increase local access to CML diagnostics.

Grants are available to physicians, scientists and hematology laboratory staff working in a hospital or research institution. Building local capacity and resource sustainability are important criteria for this iCMLf funding.

The following grants are available for 2014:

  • Phase I funding of $ 10,000
    • Seed funding for up to 10 new proposals
  • Phase II funding of $20,000 (By invitation only)
    • Previous awardees that have achieved outstanding results with their initial funds
  • Phase II funding of $10,000 (By invitation only)
    • Previous grant awardees that have demonstrated good outcomes with their initial funds

Institutions awarded grants will partner with a CML centre of excellence to ensure the successful implementation of the proposal and offer ongoing mentoring and support at a clinical and laboratory level.

All grants will be awarded based on evaluation of submitted proposals by the iCMLf Directors. The proposals should clearly demonstrate how the funded activity would improve access to diagnosis and testing along with the following criteria:

  • How the project will impact an existing area of need
  • How iCMLf funding will underpin the development of on site facilities
  • How the project utilises both the partnership with the CML centre of excellence and the iCMLf funding
  • What consideration has been given to the sustainability of access to diagnostics
  • A clear plan of action with a plan to report measurable outcomes

Expressions of interest are welcome to

Deadline for applications is March 1st 2014.

To ensure a wide range of participants in the program only one grant per institution/department will be awarded.

Further information and the application form can be downloaded here: