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The Emerging Regions Support and Partnership (ERSAP) Program 

The iCMLf is committed to improving the quality of care for CML patients internationally. We have set as one of our first priorities a support program for clinicians working in the emerging economic regions who may not have easy access to appropriate monitoring assays and are likely to face difficulties in their efforts to update their knowledge and skills regarding best practice for CML patients.
Our initial program is designed to establish a supportive relationship between international CML centres of  excellence and clinicians in developing regions who have a significant commitment to CML patients.

The iCMLf has established a dedicated Emerging Regions Support and Partnership (ERSAP) Program fund to support our long term goals in the emerging regions.


There are three ERSAP Projects:

  1. ERSAP Preceptorship Program
  2. iCMLf Virtual Education Program
  3. ERSAP Diagnosis and Testing Program

The ERSAP Preceptorship Program

This program is designed for clinicians from emerging economic tegions with a specific interest in the treatment of CML and a significant CML patient load. The program enhances clinical knowledge and skills in the treatment of CML through preceptorships at internationally renowned CML centres. Participants of the program become part of the clinical team at the host site for the duration of the preceptorship, undertaking seminars and laboratory work where appropriate. Read more here

The iCMLf Virtual Education Program

This Virtual Education Program, supported by the iCMLf in partnership with The Max Foundation, offers a series of webcast presentations from leading hematologists. These presentations provide updated information on treatment advances and best practice management of CML, including disease monitoring and new therapies. The sessions specifically address issues of CML care in countries with limited access to monitoring and supplemental treatments. Read more here

The ERSAP Diagnosis & Testing Program

The ERSAP Diagnosis and Testing Program will provide diagnostic testing and ultimately disease monitoring for CML patients in emerging economic countries where it is not currently available. Many hospitals in developing countries do not have the capability to confirm the diagnosis of CML either by cytogenetics or by molecular tests, which results in patients not being able to access the medication available to enhance and extend their quality of life.  Moreover continued monitoring is essential to detect any progression of the disease that in many cases can be halted with available therapy.

Through the ERSAP Diagnosis and Testing Program the iCMLf will set up facilities at a local level to either bring high quality testing to the patient, or to develop a low cost strategy for sending patient samples to a central laboratory for testing. Read more here