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To share and enhance best practice management of CML, experts and interested clinicians can discuss difficult or interesting CML patient cases here. Clinicians submit a brief history of the patient and the case for discussion (no more than 200 words) by posting it in this forum ("+ NEW TOPIC" button below).

Each clinical case will be forwarded to the iCMLf expert clinical panel for a brief independent response. Consideration should be given to patient confidentiality. Details that are not critical to the case can be changed to preserve anonymity.

As a full clinical history is necessary for accurate comment, cases and comments on the Forum are only accepted from clinicians. If individual patients have a specific question we encourage them to contact their healthcare provider.

DISCLAIMER: The iCMLf does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, or opinions, and disclaims any representation, warranty, or guaranty as to the same. Reliance on any information provided in this Forum is solely at your own risk.

TOPIC: CML diagnosis

CML diagnosis 3 months 2 weeks ago #1712

  • P Nageswara Reddy
  • P Nageswara Reddy's Avatar
Respected sir/madam,

What would the phase of a patient diagnosed with CML if the bone marrow biopsy shows FOCI OF BLASTS and if the other parameters meet the chronic phase criteria.

Thank you.

CML diagnosis 3 months 2 weeks ago #1713

  • Andrija Bogdanovic
  • Andrija Bogdanovic's Avatar
Well, this issue is very interesting as gray zone between classification of CML phases. Some issues are very old and belong to CML past but they still have some value. According to WHO 2016 myeloid neoplasm classification large foci of blasts are considered as advanced disease (at least acceleration) but this criteria is weaken by last ELN criteria for chronic phase. Unfortunately percentage of blasts and basophils in peripheral blood and bone marrow are lacking in description. It would be nice also to have data about karyotype if performed, to be sure that there is no additional aberrations. If percentage of blast within marrow and/or PB is less than 10% (ELN says even 20% but I do not like this high value for safety reasons) and no additional karyotype aberrations this biopsy finding definitely is irrelevant in case of imatinib treatment and I will use standard dose imatinib frontline. In the opposite case (high percentage of blast or basophils, or additional karyotype abnormalities), than I will consider it very relevant and the patients would be classified as at least accelerated phase and I will use imatinib 600mg (especially if large spleen is present).
Best regards
Andrija Bogdanovic (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Belgrade

What would the phase of a patient diagnosed with CML if the bone marrow biopsy shows FOCI OF BLASTS and if the other parameters meet the chronic phase criteria?
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