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iCMLf Diagnosis and Testing Program 

The iCMLf Diagnosis and Testing Program offers seeding grants to hematology institutions in emerging economic regions. The aim of the program is to facilitate the diagnosis, testing and long-term disease monitoring of CML patients in emerging economic regions where it is either limited, or not currently available.

Over ten years the iCMLf have awarded 57 grants in 29 countries to enable CML diagnostics to be expanded and enhanced at a local level. This gives both physicians and patients the knowledge to make meaningful decisions on treatment.

The program is currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the Diagnosis and Testing grants the iCMLf assists centres in the emerging economic regions to enhance facilities at a local level to either, bring high quality testing to the patient, or to develop a low cost strategy for sending patient samples to a central reference laboratory for testing. Developing local diagnostic capacity and resource sustainability are important criteria for these grants.

Previous projects have involved the purchase of equipment and reagents, staff training, education events and resource, sample shipments and patient education.

Institutions awarded grants will partner with a CML centre of excellence to ensure the successful implementation of the proposal and to offer ongoing mentoring and support at a clinical and laboratory level.

Comments from previous grant awardees:

  • The impact of the grant was immense, in 2016, we had a total of 59 patients, in 2017 the patients numbers shot up to 181, over 300% increase. (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • We introduced in-house testing for BCR-ABL at Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu using the Gene Xperts Ultra assays. We have trained 2 technologists to provide this service to the patients and clinicians. The diagnostic delays are now a thing of the past for patients with CML. (Kisumu, Kenya)
  • This grant made a huge impact in the diagnosis and monitoring of the CML patients. Before this grant tests were charged around $300 and it took a month to get the results. Now it takes no more than 2 days and it is for $100. (Dakar, Senegal)
  • The iCMLf grant helps to setup the necessary diagnostic genetic testing facilities providing opportunities for the Nepali CML patients for early diagnosis and monitoring. It reduces the burden visiting the foreign countries for diagnosis and treatment as well as saves the patient cost for therapy. (Bharatpur, Nepal)

Full application and eligibility criteria for the grants can be found on the program information here:

Along with the application form here:

All questions and submissions should be addressed to:
Applications for 2018 are closed now. The selection of 2018 grants will be held in September.