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About the Diagnosis and Testing program

The iCMLf Diagnosis and Testing Program launched in 2011 offers seeding grants to hematology institutions in emerging economic regions. The aim of the program is to facilitate the diagnosis, testing and long-term disease monitoring of CML patients in developing countries where this is limited or not currently available. Through small grants and partnerships with CML centres of excellence the Diagnosis and Testing Program plans to enable centres in emerging regions to increase their local capacity to diagnose and conduct long-term monitoring of their CML patients.

For the first time, in many cases, physicians will be able to locally confirm the diagnosis of CML patients, leading to better treatment and long-term care. This has the potential to dramatically alter the lives of the patients and their families, in some cases whole communities. The long-term goal for this program is to provide equipment and training for clinical and laboratory staff at the local level. This will allow specific centres in emerging regions to become self-sufficient for diagnosis and monitoring of their CML patients. Institutions awarded grants will partner with a CML centre of excellence to ensure the successful implementation of the proposal and offer ongoing mentoring and support at a clinical and laboratory level.