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9.12.22 iCMLf ASH ProgramiCMLf Forum 2022: The Next Big Challenges in CML?

Webstreams of the presentations and discussions from the iCMLf Forum 2022 that took place on December 9th 2022 in News Orleans (USA), are now available to view. At this forum, our speakers and panellists of renowned experts in the field took a look at future directions of CML. What are the next big challenges in CML? What are the most promising new approaches? What research questions need to be answered to help us to move closer to a cure for CML?

Topics include:

  1. Free treatment or treatment free? Where to invest limited resources in a highly managable cancer?
    Professor Michael Deininger (USA)
  2. Disease persistence in CML
    Assistant Professor Ted Braun (USA)
  3. Resistance in CML: More than Abl mutations
    Professor Jorge Cortes (USA)

Click on the presentations below to view the webstreams and see the slides.
(We are very grateful for the support of Brandcast media to produce these web streams) 



2023 iCMLf Forum Intro Tim

Professor Timothy Hughes
Adelaide, Australia


Welcome & Introduction

Topics include: Top 5 CML challenges in LMICs; top 5 global CML challenges; update on TFR including best predictors of TFR; Asciminib data including ASCEMBL study design and interim analysis; update on the iCMLf Global TFR Alliance; results from the pre-meeting survey.



2023 iCMLf Forum Mike DeiningerProfessor Michael Deininger
Wisconsin, USA


Free Treatment or Treatment free? Where to invest limited resources in a highly manageable cancer?

Topics include: Access to care vs. new technologies in LMICs; how do we deploy limited resources to achieve maximum impact?; TFR - will it ever be possible to predict TFR?; finding the holy grail: finding the weak spot in CML stems cells and corresponding obstacles; how far can we go with BCR::ABL1 kinase inhibition alone?



2023 iCMLf Forum Ted Braun
Assistant Professor Ted Braun
Portland, USA


Disease Persistence in CML

Topics include: The symptom burden of a life of TKI, patterns of persistence, why do BCR-ABL1 positive cells persist?; CML cell persistence: signaling pathway reactivation and epigenetic dysfunction, the Philadelphia chromosome beyond BCR-ABL1, argument for immune control, argument for intrinsic mechanisms; future directions.


2023 iCMLf Forum Jorge Cortes

Professor Jorge Cortes
Augusta, USA


TKI resistance: More than just Abl mutations

Topics include: TKI resistance - still a major problem; contraindicated mutations for TKIs; BCR-ABL1 KD mutations after failure/warning; BCR-ABL1 mutations at the end of treatment; mechanisms of resistance to TKIs; other mechanisms of TKI resistance in CML; drug-to-drug interactions with TKIs; CML molecular heterogeneity; cancer-associated mutations in AP/BC; clonal hierarchy in CML and an update on the iCMLf Global Genomics Alliance.



2023 iCMLf Forum Panel discussion

Lisa Machado
Canadian CML Network Executive Director

Professor Jorge Cortes
Director Georgia Cancer Center

Dr Delphine Réa
Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris

Assistant Professor Ted Braun
Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland


Panel discussion: The Next Big Challenges in CML?