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iCMLf Forum 2013 at ASH – sharing best practice to improve CML management in emerging regionsiCMLf Forum 2013 Audience

We are delighted that over 100 physicians from 21 countries attended this year´s iCMLf Forum for Physicians from Emerging Economic Regions. This annual event is held during the American Society of Hematology meeting.

On the 6th December 2013 physicians from the emerging regions, advisors from the iCMLf, members of the Max Foundation and industry partners met to share and discuss “Overcoming challenges treating CML with limited resources”.


The three key presentations at the 2013 iCMLf Forum were selected by the iCMLf iCMLf Forum 2013 Speaker PorträtsDirectors from submitted abstracts outlining solutions implemented to address challenges and to improve CML management:

  • Implementation of molecular monitoring of p210 BCR-ABL fusion transcript for CML patients - Dr Lilian Pilleux, Chile
  • An efficient way for multi-centers to simultaneously derive and validate conversion factors for the conversion of BCR-ABLIS in CML - Dr Ya-Zhen Qin, China
  • Overcoming challenges treating CML – The Ghana experience - Dr Benneh, Ghana

While all three of the presentations were unique, each demonstrated that the implementation of molecular monitoring in emerging regions, however this is achieved, has true, tangible benefit for patients. The iCMLf Forum also featured practical recommendations, intensive discussions and networking with iCMLf directors and advisors. “This meeting provided a unique occasion for physicians to discuss and develop new ideas and solutions to improve CML management that are specific to a challenging environment with limited access to diagnostics and treatment”, said Professor Tim Hughes from the iCMLf Board of Directors.

The feedback from this year’s attendees has been very positive:


“A moving experience to see what can be achieved with persistence and dedication”


"Great opportunity to see how the iCMLf programs can really make a difference to patient outcomes"


"Thank you for the excellent Forum for physicians from developing countries"


Thank you to all the participants of the 2013 iCMLf Forum for your attendance and valuable contribution. Further comments or discussions are welcome by email to

The survey for attendees can be found at


The iCMLf Forum, held annually, is a partnership project between the iCMLf and the MAX Foundation and is supported by an unrestricted grant from Novartis.