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iCMLf-ESH Meeting 2011 – a record number of attendees

icmlf-eshThe International CML meeting, co-sponsored by the iCMLf and the European School of Heamatology (ESH), is one of the key scientific activities of the iCMLf each year. The program is configured under the guidance of three iCMLf Directors; John Goldman, Jorge Cortes and Tim Hughes. In 2011 the iCMLf-ESH International CML meeting, held in Estoril Portugal, welcomed a record number of participants. Over 460, physicians, scientists and researchers attended from around the globe. While the majority were Europeans, a record number of Americans attended this year. In total one in five attendees crossed the Atlantic to discuss the latest developments in CML.

Speakers at this meeting present the newest and often unpublished data that relate to the biology of CML including the origin of BCRABL1, signal transduction, basis of disease progression, action of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) and mechanisms underlying resistance to TKI, along with aspects of CML treatment including prediction and definition of responses, drugs used in combination, molecular monitoring, targeting residual stem cells and approaches to cure.
A growing number of participants also came from Oceania, Asia, and South America. These increasing numbers indicate that this conference is becoming more internationally renowned. The program in 2011 included a stronger clinical component, addressing current clinical issues, such as choice of TKIs, molecular monitoring, defining responses, recognition of resistance, place of stem cell transplantation, etc. with more time for discussion on each topic. Increased emphasis was placed on posters and the poster walks led by senior academics, were very successful. Small scientific workshops led by postdoctoral researchers were also a progressive addition to this year’s meeting. Feedback from participants was positive and these new components will be repeated in 2012.