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Overcoming Challenges Treating CML:
Call for abstracts on best practices in emerging economic regions

The iCMLf invites physicians from emerging economic regions to submit abstracts outlining the successful implementation of projects that have improved their management of CML. Selected abstracts will be awarded an iCMLf grant of up to US$5,000.


Treating CML in situations or locations with limited resources can be challenging. Access to current treatments, accurate diagnostics and to up to date knowledge is difficult to obtain at reasonable costs. However, faced with these problems physicians, laboratory staff and others involved with patient care work tirelessly, to overcome these obstacles ensuring their patients get the best possible care.


To recognise and celebrate the work and achievements of physicians faced with these challenges, the iCMLf invites physicians from emerging economic regions to share their projects and the solutions implemented to enhance their management of CML patients. Sharing these successful projects and ideas amongst the CML community especially with colleagues encountering similar conditions is very important to continue to work towards improving the management of CML globally.


Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the iCMLf Directors, shared on the iCMLf website. Three abstracts will be chosen for oral presentation at the iCMLf Forum for physicians from emerging economic regions held during ASH 2012.  These three presented projects will be awarded an iCMLf grant of up to US$5,000. This grant can either assist the attendance of the presenter to ASH 2012, or be used to expand the project presented.


The deadline for abstract submission is the 31st August 2012.


How to submit an abstract

Please email submissions to

About the iCMLf Forum


The iCMLf Forum, presented in partnership with The Max Foundation is a unique opportunity for clinicians and scientists from emerging economic regions to come together to discuss the challenges they face in the treatment of their CML patients.


"This iCMLf Forum is the ideal opportunity for the executive members of the Foundation to listen to the challenges faced by colleagues in emerging countries so we can adapt the activities of the iCMLf and provide assistance where possible." - Professor John Goldman, iCMLf Chairman