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Formed in 2009 by a leading group of hematologists, the aims of the iCMLf are to foster and coordinate global clinical and research collaborations and to improve CML clinical practice and disease monitoring worldwide. The mission of the iCMLf is to improve outcomes for people with CML globally. As an iCMLf member your support will further the progress towards best possible management for CML patients wherever they reside.

The success of our organisation relies on the support and involvement of people just like you who want to help us

  • Enhance the education of physicians and scientists worldwide
  • Increase access to diagnostics and therapies regardless of where a patient lives, and
  • Research new and improved treatment

In this way, together, we can work towards a cure for patients with CML

Becoming a member of the iCMLf is as easy as completing the form below.

Benefits of Membership

Members of the iCMLf...

  • receive regular newsletters with updates on the activities of the iCMLf, and suggest articles.
  • are part of an international network focused on improving outcomes in CML
  • contribute to the global research and educational programs of the iCMLf
  • access a network of international contacts, including leading hematologists and scientists, with a common interest in CML
  • write messages on the iCMLf Discussion Forum, and receive email notifications when new messages arrive
  • are invited to attend the iCMLf's regional meetings
  • can nominate candidates for the annual iCMLf Prizes, iCMLf Scientific Advisory Committee and National Representative Board

Become an iCMLf Member now!

There is currently no cost associated to iCMLf membership, even though through donations, the  iCMLf will further the progress towards best possible management for CML patients.

Please consider a donation!

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 Thank you for joining us!

iCMLf is a charitable organisation registered in England and Wales.

Charity number 1132984.

Donations are tax deducible as allowable by law.