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  • Presentations from the EHA2022 Congress

  • EHA 2022: Mechanisms of disease progression in chronic myeloid leukemia (S. Tiong Ong)

  • EHA 2022: Non-BCR-ABL1 biomarkers of prognosis in CML (Shady Awad)

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    GoldmanPrize medal RGB reduc

    November 2018 - The Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary next year. This also marks the tenth anniversary of our tradition to recognise and reward personal contributions and outstanding achievements to our understanding of the biology of CML and to improving the management of patients with CML around the world. It all started with the first iCMLf Rowley Prize awarded to Professor Brian Druker in 2009. This was followed by the introduction of the iCMLf Goldman Prize in 2014 and the iCMLf Prize in 2015.

    We will continue this tradition next year. You are now welcome to nominate a colleague, or mentor for one of the 2019 prizes. Who would you like to see awarded the iCMLf prizes next year?


    Annual iCMLf prizes – nominate now for the 2019 prizes

    You can nominate for one, two, or all of the prizes below:

    1. The Goldman Prize - recognising outstanding contributions to the management of patients with CML. Previous winners: Rüdiger Hehlmann, Michele Baccarani, Hagop Kantarjian, Tim Hughes and Jorge Cortes.

    2. The Rowley Prize - recognising outstanding contributions to our understanding of the biology of CML. Previous winners: Brian Druker, Moshe Talpaz, John Goldman, George Q. Daley, Connie Eaves, Owen Witte, Rick Van Etten, Nora Heisterkamp with John Groffen, Tessa Holyoake and Nick Cross.

    3. The iCMLf Prize - recognising outstanding contributions to overcome the challenges of treating CML in the emerging economic regions. Previous winners: Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, Sue Branford, Jerry Radich and Hemant Malhotra.

    Nominations for the 2019 iCMLf prizes closes on the 31st December 2018. Please nominate here or by emailing

    We look forward to receiving your nominations.