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Let’s make 9/22 International CML Awareness Day!

cmlawday922_100px_transThe CML Advocates Network, a worldwide network of CML patient associations, is suggesting the proclamation of 22 September (9/22) as International CML Awareness Day. The date represents the genetic change of Chromosomes 9 and 22 which causes CML. The iCMLf welcomes the initiative, and calls on all physicians worldwide to actively support it.


Please join the global community and support the nomination of 9/22 as International CML Awareness Day by signing the proclamation. You could also provide a photo of CML practice at your centre. While a number of national patient associations have initiated and run CML Awareness Day in previous years, 2011 will be the first year where organisations will collaborate across borders on CML Awareness Day.

Proclaiming September 22nd as the annual International CML Awareness Day allows the global CML community to collectively celebrate the achievements within the treatment of CML, recognise what still needs to be done, while acknowledging the bravery of the people impacted by the disease and the commitment of those who treat and care for them.

We are hoping you will all join us in signing the proclamation!

The annual International CML Awareness Day aims to encourage patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, government and industry, as well as the wider community, to work together to improve diagnosis, treatment and care of CML patients.

Please sign the proclamation of International CML Awareness Day today:

We welcome your photos of what represents CML in your daily practice!

People affected by CML and physicians treating CML are invited to show the vitality of what it means to live with CML or treat CML by submitting a photo before September 22. These photos will then be compiled in a mosaic representing the faces that CML has, and will be shown during various CML events on September 22 around the globe!

Please provide your photo here:
or see what photos have been submitted so far: 

Participating in these initiatives will take only a few minutes, but promises to bring big rewards within the CML community by joining forces around the world.

Thank you very much!