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Hematologists and patients celebrated International CML Awareness Day on 9/22

CML Awareness DayThe 22nd of September is recognised by the CML community as International CML Awareness Day. This year 22nd September fell during the iCMLf-ESH International CML meeting: Biology and Therapy. Over 450 hematologists, scientists and patient advocates met in Baltimore, USA to discuss the latest advances in CML science, therapy and care. International CML Awareness Day was marked by Professor Jorge Cortes during his opening presentation on 9/22, recognizing the importance of the close collaboration between scientists, clinicians and patients to continue the dramatic progress made treating CML. On the day, patient organisations in more than 30 countries celebrated International CML Awareness Day with various initiatives.

To celebrate 9/22 CML patient organisations in 30 countries marked the date. Following the motto "All united, all unique" their aim is to raise public awareness about CML and provide information on the journey of CML patients, their needs and challenges.

Activities included; patient meetings, press conferences, fundraising, motorcycle rallies and cabaret events. Go to to learn more.

The worldwide, patient-driven CML Adherence Survey was launched in 12 languages. Please encourage CML patients to participate in this survey at


2012 is the second year International CML Awareness Day as been recognised as a global event and so far more than 2300 individuals from 57 countries have signed the proclamation for International CML Awareness Day, and more than 170 photos submitted as "Faces of CML". Please have a look at the photos at, and sign the proclamation at


Join us celebrating International CML Awareness Day with the CML community!