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Emerging Regions Support and Partnership (ERSAP) Preceptorship Program started

nicola_evansLaunched in December 2009 the Emerging Regions Support and Partnership (ERSAP) Preceptorship Program is a unique opportunity for clinicians from developing countries who treat Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) to undertake an intensive educational program to develop and expand their CML management skills. Hematologists from Argentina, India and Madagascar now undertake the first preceptorships supported by the iCMLf.


The ERSAP Preceptorship Program - providing training, education and support for clinicians from emerging countries.

Clinical data for CML is rapidly evolving, posing a challenge for clinicians in developing regions as to how to enhance their education and continue to provide optimal treatment and monitoring for their patients. The aim of the ERSAP Preceptorship Program is to facilitate the sharing of best practice treatment for patients with CML in the areas of the world where this is most needed.

Learning through practical experience and one to one tuition

The ERSAP Preceptorship Program will enhance clinical knowledge and skills in the treatment of CML through preceptorships at internationally renowned CML centres. Participants will be part of the clinical team at the host site for the duration of the preceptorship, undertaking seminars and laboratory work where appropriate.

Participants will conclude the program with a practical understanding of the latest information influencing the care of patients with CML. This will include: therapies to treat CML; efficacy, toxicity and the management of side effects, monitoring guidelines, management of resistance, the role of allograft in CML and developments in novel therapies, vaccines and drug cessation.

In 2010 five specialist CML centers are acting as hosts:

Hammersmith Hospital, UK

  • Clinical lead, Professor Jane Apperley
  • Preceptorships last 2-3 weeks

MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA

  • Clinical lead, Professor Jorge Cortes
  • Preceptorships last 1 month

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, USA

  • Clinical leads, Professor Brian Druker and Associate Professor Michael Mauro
  • Preceptorships last 1 month

Royal Adelaide Hospital Australia,

  • Clinical lead, Professor Tim Hughes
  • Preceptorships last 3 weeks

S.Orsola-Malpighi University Hospital, Italy

  • Clinical lead Professor Michele Baccarani
  • Preceptorships last 1 month

Where possible preceptorships are coordinated with existing CML and haematology training programs at the host centres. This further increases potential learning and interactions between local and visiting clinicians.

Remarkable global response to the program.
The ERSAP Preceptorship Program has had overwhelming interest in its inaurgural year, demonstrating a clear need for the increased support and education these preceptorships provide.

Clinicians will be attending from all around the world. Countries currently represented are;



Burkina Faso











Papua New Guinea




As of June 2010, preceptorships have been completed at the MD Anderson and OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, and one is underway with Professor Baccarani in Italy. Preceptorships will be conducted every month for the remainder of 2010.

We would be interested in any comments and suggestions you have regarding the ERSAP Preceptorship Program. Please contact us on the iCMLf discussion forum

The ERSAP Preceptorship Program 2011

The Preceptorship Program has been a rewarding first project for the iCMLf to implement and we continue to learn how to meet the  individual needs of hematologists as they travel from such diverse countries with varying facilities.

Additional specialist CML sites are planned in 2011. This will hopefully include French and Spanish speaking sites to allow more language diverse candidates to apply for the program.

As all preceptorships are now filled for 2010 the iCMLf welcome further applications for the 2011 program.

Download the ERSAP application form
Download the ERSAP overview brochure

If you have any questions or would like more information about the program please do not hesitate to contact me by emailing

The 2010 ERSAP Preceptorship Program is supported by an unrestricted grant from Novartis Oncology.