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iCMLf: The first 6 months

The International Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Foundation (iCMLf) is now 6 months old and it has certainly been a productive 6 months. The aim of the iCMLf is to address the challenges faced by the international CML community, be they patients, carers, clinicians, nurses or scientists. This will be through specific programs, unrestricted grants, clinical trials, education and influence. In this capacity the Foundation was proud to launch the first Emerging Regions Support and Partnership (ERSAP) project, the ERSAP Preceptorship Program, a unique opportunity for clinicians from developing countries to undertake an intensive educational program to develop and expand their CML management skills. 28 candidates from developing countries are now enrolled and ready to begin this program.

The iCMLf is expanding fast, with the engagement of Jan Geissler (co-founder of the CML Advocates Network) as the communications coordinator based in Germany and Nicola Evans based in Australia as the ERSAP Program Director, the iCMLf has truly become an international organization. There is now a confirmed Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of 14 members to provide feedback and support for the activities of the Foundation. SAC member Hemant Malhotra provides an insightful overview of the treatment of CML in India on page 3 of this newsletter. To ensure global influence and representation for the iCMLf, representatives from twentyeight countries on all continents have agreed to become national representatives of the iCMLf. Countries currently represented are: Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, India, Korea, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Serbia, Israel, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Argentina, Venezuela, Holland, Canada, USA, Belgium, Sweden, Croatia, Finland, and Poland. More countries will be added as the Foundation expands. The first meeting of the SAC and National Representative Board will be held at the iCMLf/ESH meeting in Washington this year. The second Rowley prize, awarded each year by the iCMLf to an individual who has made an outstanding lifetime contribution to our understanding of the biology and/or to progress in treating CML, will also be presented during this meeting.

The mission of the iCMLf is to improve the outcome for patients with with CML globally and the ongoing activities and funding to support this were discussed at the Executive Committee meeting during ASH in December. ASH is always a frantic time and Jan Geissler conveys a comprehensive CML overview from the perspective of a CML patient (page 4).

Moving into the second half of 2010 the iCMLf plans to implement two additional ERSAP projects. The ERSAP Partnership program; in this program hospitals and clinical centres in developing regions will partner with expert CML centres to facilitate exchange of best practices and provide those centres vital support and networks. Tim Hughes outlines the aim and potential impact of the third ERSAP Project, the ERSAP Diagnosis and Testing Program on page 3. The iCMLf welcomes your input discussing this program. Register on the iCMLf website and join the conversation on

These first three ERSAP programs address enhancing clinician’s knowledge, sharing best practice and improving the access to diagnosis and testing facilities. It is through these programs and the future activities of the Foundation that people with CML and their supporting healthcare professionals get the knowledge, skills, therapies and equipment they need to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The iCMLf needs you!

As a charitable Foundation it is only through grants and donations that the iCMLf can positively influence the lives of patients with CML in regions where assistance is most needed. The iCMLf would really appreciate your donations to help achieve its charter. Please contact us on to pledge your support.