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New interactive forum for clinicians discussing difficult CML cases

To share and enhance best practice management of CML the iCMLf has opened a discussion forum where experts and interested clinicians can discuss difficult, or interesting CML patient cases. Clinicians submit a brief history of the patient and the case for discussion (no more than 200 words) to the iCMLf web-site coordinator, Jan Geissler. Each case accepted will be published in the discussion forum with a brief response. Further comments, questions and discussion are invited.


Each clinical case accepted for the forum will initially be sent to the iCMLf expert clinical panel for a brief independent response. The clinical case and the expert opinions will then be posted on the iCMLf forum and comments, questions and discussion invited. The primary clinician may choose, with the patient's permission, to provide some follow up information if it is informative, or relevant to the prior discussion. The iCMLf expert panel is comprised of leading hematologists in the field of CML from the iCMLf board of directors and scientific advisory committee.


The iCMLf will only accept cases where the patient and their clinician give permission for the case to be published on the iCMLf web-site. Details that are not critical to the case can be changed to preserve anonymity.


The suggested audience for this forum is clinicians treating CML. Other interested individuals can view and make comments on the forum as long as their qualifications are included with any comment.

Please email with your case for discussion.