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Its very sad without John

As a CML patient and advocate for 14 years now, i had teh opportunity to meet with John several times. he was a very special , kind and gentel Dr and person.

he has visited Israel several times and on many of these visits he agreed to meet our CML patients who needed an expert advise especially on the issue of pregnancy during CML treatment.

i still remember well our meeting few years ago with Jan Geissler and Tim Hughes when we have discussed the establishment of ICMLF.

Thanks John . i will always remember you

Prof.Goldman,a teacher of repute

Prof.JMG has been an apostle of wisdom and sagacity.I worked with him in 2000at Hammersmith Hospital,London and was impressed with his clinical accumen and geniocity.An ace teacher who stood taller in his knowledge,humor and etiquette.I laet met him several times while he would be in India.He had a desire to come to Kashmir,where  he had driven from Kabul,way back in 1957(I was not born),but for unforeseen circumstances,I couldn,t.In his untimely demise,I have a heavy heart!.

I pray that may Almighty bless him peace and give us the lead to follow his principles throughout.

John, the Mentor

John was a wonderful person, an excellent physician and mentor for many in haematology. I had the privilege of working at Royal Postgraduate Medical School for a year and learn from him. I still cherish that time. He was always there for his patients as well as those working with him. I am sure that his good work will be carried forward by those who worked with him. 

Name worthy in Golden letters

Because of his dedicated motivation towards resolving issues involving CML, the survivors and their care-givers can continue to contribute positively to families and societies across the world and certainly make all around them ChMyLe!

memories of John Goldman

Actually i never met him before, but i know he was a good good man not only for the CML patients.

Because of the ICML foundation i have learned more about CML patients in Adelhaide.

My deepest condolence ....

Rest in Peace Prof...we are all always love you

Greatly missed by patients

While making preparations for the 52nd annual conference of the Indian Society of Hematology meeting to be held at Chandigarh, North India, in Nov 2011, the organising committee was deciding on the name of a person who would inaugurate the conference. Instead of a politician, the committee was thinking to honour a person who is academician and visionary and can inspire the younger generation. The organising committee decided unanimously on the name of Sir John Goldman and a formal request was sent to him. Sir John Goldman readily agreed and we were fortunate to have him in the beautiful city of Chandigarh in northern India. He stayed all throughout the conference. Post conference, a CML patient group meeting was held in which approx 1000 CML patients and their care givers participated. Post meeting his words were that his CML lecture has never been attended by so many physicians than CML patients attending the patient group meeting. He along with Dr. Mauro thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with CML patients. One of the question asked by patient was that why CML patient has to undergo so many bone marrow examinations? His answer was that he himself had had undergone bone marrow examination more than 80 times (to give normal bone marrow as control) that the person should not worry on the number of times a marrow examination is done to know the cytogenetic. Sir John Goldman will be missed by the CML community throughout the world. 

A Man for History

Such sadness to read about Prof. Goldman's passing, he was a great visionary, investigator and humanitarian, deserving of recognition from the royalty.

I was fortunate to know his medical work and investigations since the late 70's, and he was always striving to cure CML.

Let us remember him in our heart as well as in history.

The Goldman I knew

I first met Prof. Goldman while I was fellow in Medical Oncology at the Cancer Institute in Adayaru, Chennai, India in 1988. I had applied for an observer's post with him. I got a reply within the week saying it will be his pleasure to have me there. I could not go over due to financial reasons. I continued to correspondence with this Indophile, meeting him at several conferences in India and abroad. I finally had a long chat with him at a meeting in Bangalore in 2012. He was enthusiastic that faculty from India availed the iCMLf Preceptorship and wanted the creation of an Indian database of CML patients. He was a bit curious as to why CML is commoner in India and the orient in general. He wanted to explore the possiblity of a low but significant background mutation in the general population. He exuded warmth, had a personal touch and an understanding of the practice of oncology in low resource countries. We in India will dearly miss an extraordinarily gifted teacher and a true Indophile.

Thank you, Dr. Goldman

It is with great sadness that I learnt of the passing of Professor John Goldman.  Dr. Goldman was one of the great transplant specialists in the world and saved countless lives.  After retirement, he was a great advocate for chronic myeloid leukemia and we have all learnt and benefited so much from his insights, activities and advocacies on behalf of CML patients. He will be greatly missed in the CML patient community.  Thank you, Dr. Goldman, for all that you have done for CML patients.  We will remember you, always.

You will be remembered, Prof John Goldman

I have had chances meeting Prof John Goldman a few times during past ASH meetings. I remember him as a friendly person, a dedicated physician and care so much about patients' community. Thank you very much for what you have done for CML community, Prof! You will be remembered. 

A beautiful mind

This is what comes to my mind as I try to process the news of John's passing: a beautiful mind. I really admired his wealth of knowledge, not only about CML but about the world in general, his hunger for learning, and his wit; the twinkle in his eye when something excited him.
To my organization, The Max Foundation, and so many others he has been a trusted advisor and guide. We can only hope to measure up as we move forward.
I remain committed to continuing the work he started.

Thank you - in the name of CML patients worldwide

The CML patients community has lost one of the heros in CML history. John was on of the key pioneers that paved the way for a revolution in treating CML. Many of us owe their lives to the dedicated, curageous and engaged work of John in the last 15 years to turn CML from a deadly into a chronic disease. Without people like him, I wouldn't be here today, and the same applies for thousands of other CML patients across the globe.

He will not only be missed as a role model, a mentor, an advisor, a visionary, a founder of so many activities. We will miss his smart mind, his wit, his great humour - in the iCMLf, at our global patient meetings of the CML Advocates Network, at the ESH, ASH and EHA conferences, ...

I will never forget him. Patients and patient advocates across the globe will never forget him and will be grateful forever. Thank you, John.