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  • Presentations from the EHA2022 Congress

  • EHA 2022: Mechanisms of disease progression in chronic myeloid leukemia (S. Tiong Ong)

  • EHA 2022: Non-BCR-ABL1 biomarkers of prognosis in CML (Shady Awad)

    June 2022 - It’s our pleasure to bring you the latest iCMLf Newsletter for June 2022. Read about our most recent achievements, including those in our Global Alliances.

    Contents Overview:

    • iCMLf Global Alliances - driving international research for CML
    • The iCMLf CANDID (Cml AND covID) Study - an analysis of COVID-19 In Patients With Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
    • The 2022 iCMLf, Goldman and Rowley Prize Recipients
    • A feature from Jane Apperley – celebrating 40-years in medicine
    • A feature from Ravi Bhatia and his investigation - The seed and the soil – the leukemia stem cell in its niche and the quest for cure
    • A feature from Sabira Kurtovic - how limited limited access to treatment has created lessons that are helping shape future approaches for CML
    • A iCMLf Knowledge Centre Update - a place for the CML community of physicians and scientists, to share cutting edge, best practice CML management.

    iCMLf June Newsletter 2022







    pdf Download the June 2022 Newsletter Here (1.93 MB)