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  • EHA 2022: Mechanisms of disease progression in chronic myeloid leukemia (S. Tiong Ong)

  • EHA 2022: Non-BCR-ABL1 biomarkers of prognosis in CML (Shady Awad)

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    iCMLf Annual Report 2015 2016 Cover

    "…The 12 surviving CML patients would not have survived without timely diagnosis that was made possible by this grant.” Dr Molombe, Malawi (iCMLf grant recipient)

    The Annual Report 2015/2016 features the iCMLf activities from Sept. 1st 2015 to August 31st 2016. 

    Read more on the highlights in the iCMLf Annual Report 2015/2016 here: 

    • Perspectives from around the world on managing CML
      An overview of the relevant and practical presentations during the 2015 iCMLf Forum for Physicians from Emerging Regions focussing on three topics highly relevant for regions with limited resources to treat CML.
    • Excellence in CML biology and management
      Meet the recipients of the 2015 iCMLf prizes and read about highlights from the 17th John Goldman Conference on CML presenting high-class CML education.
    • Increasing access to education and CML diagnosis and testing globally
      The worldwide distribution of preceptors and Diagnosis and Testing Grant recipients. These programs result in increased access to therapies through improved clinical knowledge and initial CML diagnosis. 
    • Interactive educational CML platform for a truly international audience
      Facts and figures demonstrating the global reach of the iCMLf website and social media, including new educational news services and an overview of the Virtual Education Program and the Clinical Case Discussion Forum.
    • Supporting young physicians from the emerging regions
      Read about the special fund established in memory of Professor John Goldman and meet two young scientists from Nigeria and Ukraine supported by the fund in 2015/16.

    Download the full Annual Report 2015/2016 here