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John Goldman: CML Treatment with imatinib

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Issues covered in this presentation:

  • Biology and mechanisms of CML
  • Mechanism of action of imatinib
  • Results of the IRIS study
  • Adverse effects of imatinib
  • Methods to detect residual disease
  • Imatinib in children and in pregnancy


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Gilles Cousineau Community Builder Avatar   04.01.2011 (01:06:13)
CML Treatment with imatinib Yes No I am a French Canadian and 57 years old.In June 2005, I started Gleevec. Now, I am currently PCRU.
I adored the presentation of Dr. Goldman. In fact, I saw him at a conference at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal with Dr. Pierre Laneuville. I loved the slideshow because it’s very clear and overall, a good introduction to CML.
I created a website which includes a lot of information on CML which includes links to the various presentations from iCMLf. My Website is at