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EHA Andreas HochhausEuropean LeukemiaNet (ELN) 2020 recommendations for treating chronic myeloid leukemia 
incl. Q&A session

Professor Andreas Hochhaus
University of Jena

Watch the webinar to hear Professor Hochhaus' experience and perspectives on topics like;

  • ELN 2020 treatment milestones
  • First-line therapy
  • ELN definitions of failure
  • ELN 2020 recommendations on treatment beyond 2nd line
  • Recommendations for switch: CP-CML
  • Biological features of progression 
  • Treatment-free remission
  • TKI and pregnancy
  • Strategic positioning of the new TKI: Asciminib
  • Overview of ELN Recommendations through the years

Professor Andreas Hochhaus has personally answered the questions asked during the webinar. His answers can be found to the pdf