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    Collage Wesseling Sweet 2

Panel of experts:

Professor Steve Wesselingh
South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute, Adelaide (Australia)

Dr Kendra Sweet
Haematologist at the MOFFITT Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa (USA)


COVID-19 vaccines overview: (Steve Wesselingh)

  • Overview of COVID-19 vaccines
  • Vaccine safety
  • Vaccine effectiveness
  • Vaccine variants
  • Vaccine persistence
  • Vaccines and immunocompromised people
  • Open questions

COVID-19 vaccines for patients with CML (Kendra Sweet)

  • Experience with CML patients infected by COVID-19
  • COVID-19 vaccines assessibility for patients with CML
  • Experience with COVID-19 vaccines in patients with CML
  • Recommendations for patients with CML related to COVID-19 vaccines
  • Patients' perspectives on COVID-19 vaccines

Q&A Session