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Millot EHA 2019 
Professor Fréderic Millot
University of Poitiers, Poitiers (France)

Treatment-free remission in children with CML:

  • International Registry for childhood CML - i-CML-Ped Study
  • Characteristics of CML in children
  • Clinical data on dasatinib, nilotinib and ponatinib in children with CML
  • Treatment-free remission (TFR): implications
  • Factors linked to TFR success
  • TFR in children and adolescents with CML
  • Discontinuation of TKI in children with CML (JPLSG STKI-14 Study)
  • International Registry of childhood CML
  • TFR in children: Conclusion

You will find recent updates on treatment recommendations for pediatric CML on the iCMLf Knowledge Centre:

Q&A Session