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Mauro Naranie

Panel of experts:

Professor Michael Mauro
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medicine,
New York (USA)

Dr Naranie Shanmuganathan
Royal Hospital and SA Pathology,
Adelaide (Australia)


COVID-19 and CML - an update on the CANDID data: (Michael Mauro)

  • ABL inhibition, CML and coronavirus
  • Imatinib and asciminib vs. SARS-CoV-2
  • Trials utilizing imatinib in COVID-19
  • CML and COVID-19: Uncertainty
  • The CANDID study
    • Study design
    • Geographic distribution and characteristics
    • Current treatments
    • Diagnosis and clinical history
    • COVID-19 severity
    • Impact of COVID-19 infection on CML therapy
    • Predictive factors for disease severity and survival

COVID-19 vaccines perception in CML patients (Naranie Shanmuganathan)

  • Design of the vaccine perception study
  • Demographics of surveyed patients
  • Results from the patient perception study
    • Current TKI use
    • Sources of information re. COVID-19 vaccines
    • Patient understanding of safety and expected effectiveness
    • Patients need for more information
    • Patients willingness to get vaccinated
  • Conclusion

Q&A Session