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  Abruzzese Chelysheva

Panel of experts:

Dr Elisabetta Abruzzese
Associate Professor, S Eugenio Hospital, Tor Vergata University, Rome (Italy)

Dr Ekaterina Chelysheva
Senior Researcher, National Research Center for Hematology, Moscow (Russian Federation)



CML and pregnancy - a balance for the baby: (Elisabetta Abruzzese)

  • Results from a multicentre observational retrospective and prospective study on pregnancy outcomes
    (GIMEMA CML Working Party / ELN)
  • TKI's and pregnancy/conception
  • Crucial periods in prenatal development
  • Pregnancy outcomes and labor characteristics
  • Characteristics of newborns
  • Managing pregnancy in CML: balancing the mother, the baby, the illness
  • Conclusions

CML and pregnancy - a balance for the mother (Ekaterina Chelysheva)

  • CML and pregnancy: to treat or not to treat?
  • Leukemic burden at pregnancy start
  • Molecular response in pregnant patients
  • Interferon or no treatment during TKI interruptions?
  • CML diagnosed during treatment
  • The scheme of CML management during pregnancy
  • Provisional suggestions of the PRACTIC Group
  • Summary

Q&A Session

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