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Collage Bhatia Mustjoki

Panel of experts:

Professor Ravi Bhatia
Director of the University of Alabama Division of Hematology/Oncology and Deputy Director of the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Alabama
(Birmingham, USA)

Professor Satu Mustjoki
Hematology Research Unit Helsinki, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center (Finland) 

Leukemic stem cells and microenvironmental regulation (Ravi Bhatia)

  • Potential factors determining treatment-free remission
  • A subpopulation of quiescent LSCs is enriched during TKI therapy
  • Stem cell niches are complex, heterotypic, dynamic structures
  • The CML BM environment provides a competitive advantage to CML compared to normal stem cells
  • CML BM stromal progenitors demonstrate enhanced LSC supportive functions
  • Association of inflammation and immunity related molecular signature with recurrence vs. TFR after stopping TKI
  • Regulation of CML LSC

Immunology of CML (Satu Mustjoki)

  • Evidence of immune surveillance in CML
  • Immune system disturbances in CML
  • Restoration of immune system during TKI therapy
  • Effect of different TKI's on immune system
  • Immunological changes during TKI therapy
  • Current understanding of NK cell cancer cell interactions
  • CRISPR/Cas9 screen for NK cell immunotherapy targets

Q&A Session