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Jorge Cortes 2013


Professor Jorge Cortes
Georgia Cancer Centre, Augusta (USA)

Overview of significant clinical aspects presented during the meeting, including:

  • Update on the iCMLf CANDID study - COVID-19 in patients with CML
  • Treatment-free remission
    • Final report of the EURO-SKI study
    • Interim results of the Russian Prospective Study of Reduction and Discontinuation of TKI
    • Mathematical modeling on risk of relapses and withdrawal syndrom
  • Updates on clinical studies
    • Final report of the BYOND study (bosutinib in previously treated patients)
    • Primary analysis of the OPTIC trial (Dose-optimization study of 3 starting doses of ponatinib)
    • Post-hoc analysis of DASISION: Effect of comorbidities on response outcomes:
    • Updated results of Phase 1 study with new agent vodobatinib
  • Incidence of pleural effusions with dasatinb and effect of switching to bosutinib

Q&A Session