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Collage Branford Chuah

Panel of experts:

Professor Susan Branford
SA Pathology, Centre for Cancer Biology,
Adelaide (Australia)

Associate Professor
Charles Chuah Thuan Heng
Singapore General Hospital (Singapore) 

Program: (There is no introduction and the video starts right at the first slide)

Resistance overview (Susan Branford)

  • Cancer-related gene mutations in resistant CP/AP CML treated with third generation TKI (Zhang, abstract no. 308)
  • Genomic characterization of ASXL1 G646Wfs* vs other ASXL1 mutations (Johnson, abstract no. 3466)
  • Mutational profiles during the progression of CML (Xue, abstract no. 3596)
  • Prognostic relevance of genetic abnormalities in blast phase CML (Ochi et al. ASH 2020, abstract no. 709/
    Nature Communications 2021;12:2833)

Clinical overview (Charles Chuah Thuan Heng)

  • Post-hoc analysis of responses to ponatinib in pts with CP-CML by baseline BCR-ABL1 level and baseline mutation status in the OPTIC trial (Deininger M et al.)
  • Efficacy and safety results from the ASCEMBL phase 3 study (asciminib vs bosutinib in pts with CP-CML after ≥ 2 prior TKIs: Update after 48 weeks (Mauro MJ et al.)
  • An update of safety and efficacy results from Phase 1 dose-escalation and expansion study of vodobatinib, a novel oral BCR-ABL1 TKI, in pts with CML and Ph+ ALL failing prior TKI therapies (Cortes JE et al)
  • Updated safety and efficacy of phase 1 study of olverembatinib (HQP1351), a novel 3rd generation TKI in pts with TKI-resistant CML (Jiang Q et al.)
  • Final analysis of a pan European stop tyrosine kinase inhibitor trial in CML: The EURO-SKI study (Mahon FX et al)
  • Treatment-free remissions in newly diagnosed CP-CML pts treated with the combination of nilotinib + pegylated interferon-a 2a versus nilotinib alone in the national phase III PETALs trial (Nicolini FE et al.)
  • The outcome of treatment-free remission after first-line nilotinib or dasatinib in CP-CML patients is different (Nicolini FE et al.)

Q&A Session

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