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Collage Hughes Wolf


Professor Timothy Hughes
SAHMRI / SA Pathology, University of Adelaide (Australia)

Professor Dominik Wolf
Department of Hematology and Oncology, Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Medical University Innsbruck (Austria)

Overview of selected oral presentations during the meeting:

Biological highlights:

  • High-throughout evaluation of the potential of cancer drugs to enhance natural killer cell immunotherapy in CML (Nygren P et al, EHA 2022)
  • SETD2/H3K36ME3 deficiency sustains genomic instability and enhances clonogenic potential of CML progenitors (Mancini M et al, EHA 2022)
  • Biology and function of cirucular PCMDT1 in CML in blast crisis (Urs AP et al, EHA 2022)

Clinical highlights:

  • Efficacy and safety results from ASCEMBL, a phase 3 study of Asciminib vs Bosutinib in patients with CML ≥ 2 prior TKIs: Week 96 update (Réa D et al, EHA 2022)
  • International, prospective study comparing Nilotinib versus Imatinib with early switch to Nilotinib to obtain sustained TFR in patients with CML: The first Interim Report (Pane F et al, EHA 2022)
  • BCR:ABL1 digital PCR identifies chronic phase CML patients suitable for an early TKI discontinuation attempt: a patient-level meta-analysis (Kockerols C et al, EHA 2022)
  • Final results of TKI discontinuation trial with Dasatinib for second attempt of TFR (TFR2) after failing first attempts with Imatinib (TRAD trial) (Kim D et al, EHA 2022)

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