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Promotional slide CML 2022Register now for the 24th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML: Biology and Therapy

October 21-23, 2022 - Mandelieu - La Napoule (France)
Chairs: J. Cortes, T.P. Hughes, D.S. Krause

Registration is now open
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Program Highlights:

  • Janet Rowley Prize award ceremony: recipient Oliver Hantschel (Marburg)
  • John Goldman Prize award ceremony: recipient Andreas Hochhaus (Jena)
  • iCMLf Prize award ceremony: Jan Geissler (Munich), Giora Sharf (Netanya)

  • Special Lecturers: 
    - Carlo Maley (Tempe)
    - Jyoti Nangalia (Cambridge)
    - Toni Ribas (Los Angeles)
    - Andreas Trumpp (Heidelberg)

  • Workshop for Non-Clinical Scientists #1
    Oncology/Hematology degraders - Degradation as a strategy against cancer
    Chairs: Oliver Hantschel (Marburg), Vignir Helgason (Glasgow)
    Speakers: George Burslem (Philadelphia), Stefan Knapp (Frankfurt), Charles Mullighan (Memphis)
  • Workshop for Non-Clinical Scientists #2
    3D Genomics and nuclear organization
    Chairs: Michael Deininger (Milwaukee), Jerry Radich (Seattle)
    Speakers: Steven Eacker (Seattle), Aristotelis Tsirigos (New York), Greg Wang (Chapel Hill)

  • Michele Baccarani Special Symposium
    Collaborative research in CML
    Chair: Giuseppe Saglio (Turin)
    Speakers: Rüdiger Hehlmann (Mannheim), Fausto Castagnetti (Bologna), Simona Soverini (Bologna), Susan Branford (Adelaide), François-Xavier Mahon (Bordeaux), Ehab Attalah (Milwaukee)

  • Debate #1
    Is ponatinib still the drug of choice for 3rd line therapy?
    Chair: Tim P. Hughes (Adelaide)
    Speakers: Jorge Cortes (Augusta), Delphine Réa (Paris)

  • Debate #2
    What is most important for CML persistence of the disease? Extrinsic factors or intrinsic factors?
    Chair: Ravi Bhatia (Birmingham)
    Speakers: Daniela Krause (Frankfurt), Mirle Schemionek-Reinders (Aachen)

  • Meet the Expert Sessions
    Understanding Biology of Leukemia / Practical implication of multimix appoaches in leukemia – Charles Mullighan (Memphis)
    Leukemic stem cell biology – Andreas Trumpp (Heidelberg)
    New frontiers in drug development in cancer – Stefann Knapp (Frankfurt)
    Management of advance stage CML – Maihri Copland (Glasgow)
    Challenging scenarios for TFR – Susanne Saussele (Mannheim)
    Management of TKI adverse event – Jeff Lipton (Toronto)

The full program will be available soon.

Presentation of data at this conference will not jeopardize acceptance of the same at the following ASH congress.